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AlzaGuard 2.5D Case Friendly Glass Protector for iPhone 13 / 13 Pro

£3.25 without VAT

AlzaGuard 2.5D Case Friendly Glass Protector for iPhone 13 / 13 Pro

Highly Durable
AlzaGuard Glass Protector

Protect your mobile phone display from scratches and other damage with the AlzaGuard 2.5D CaseFriendly Glass Protector for iPhone 13 / 13 Pro. Our AlzaGuard protector is made using Japanese ASAHI glass and guarantees reliable display protection in any situation without reducing touch sensitivity. And you don't need to worry about the protector coming unstuck as entire surface adhesion ensures it sticks perfectly to your display—throughout its long service life.

0.33mm Thick Glass

Thanks to its ultra-thin design, our protector blends in perfectly with your smartphone.

iPhone 13 / 13 Pro

The 2.5D protective glass is tailor-made for your phone.

Everything You Need Is in the Package

A cleaning cloth, alcohol wipe, dust removal sticker and guide sticker.

Ideal to Use in Combination
with a Cover or Case

The Case Friendly label means that the protective glass is compatible with all covers and cases—meaning that the glass won't come unstuck from rubbing against your other protective equipment. Our AlzaGuard 2.5D Case Friendly Glass Protector with 2.5D rounded glass is just 0.33mm thick and boasts a hardness of 9H, so as you can see, it is ultra-thin while providing maximum protection. Everything you need for an easy bubble-free application is included in the package.

Why choose 2.5D Curved Glass?

If you are shopping around for protective glass, you will often encounter three types of tempered glass with differently shaped edges.

  • 2D - has all sides straight and is suitable for non-curved displays
  • 2.5D - rounded to ensure your finger does not hit sharp edges
  • 3D - perfectly replicated curved displays

Our AlzaGuard tempered glass has 2.5D curvature and delivers the best value for money—it's close to 3D glass but cheaper. What's more, its smooth edges won't cut your fingers.


Brand/model of mobile phone

Telephone brand Apple
Model of mobile phone iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13

Package contents

Package includes Cleaning cloth, Alcohol Wipe, Dust Removal Sticker, Guide sticker


Glass thickness 0.33 mm
Hardness 9H
Curvature 2.5D
Glass characteristics Glossy
Type Case friendly

Application method

Mounting method Fully coated with adhesive
Code:  AGDTGC0231
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  AGD-TGF0062
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