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AlzaPower Holder FMC100, Black

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AlzaPower Holder FMC100, Black

Minimalist Holder That Exceeds Expectations


We are pleased to introduce an affordable yet very reliable car mobile phone holder. The AlzaPower Holder FMC100 is compact but sturdy enough to hold a mobile phone weighing up to 300g. Although the holder has  a strong magnet, you can easily retrieve your phone using just one hand. 

AlzaPower Holder FMC100

Easy Vent Installation

The AlzaPower Holder FMC100 is easy to install in the ventilation grille and is therefore suitable for the vast majority of cars
AlzaPower Holder FMC100


We have thought of everything, so in addition to the magnetic holder, the package also includes metal plates and a protective film. You can insert the plate between the device and the rear cover or secure it with reliable 3M adhesive tape, taping it either directly to the phone or to the enclosed film.

AlzaPower Holder FMC100

Go Green
with Alza

As we care about the environment, all our products come in recyclable frustration-free packaging. Go green with AlzaPower.

AlzaPower Holder FMC100
AlzaPower Holder FMC100

AlzaPower Product Family


We design AlzaPower products to meet the highest standards. This means that we guarantee the top-quality of all AlzaPower products and provide above-standard services. In the event of a fault, in most cases, we offer an immediate replacement at any of our branches. 

AlzaPower Holder FMC100


  • Installation in the ventilation grille
  • Easy to attach and remove the phone
  • Suitable for most types of ventilation grilles
  • For devices weighing up to 300g
  • Metal phone plates including protective film included in the package
  • Recommended case thickness up to 2mm
  • Dimensions: 38 × 33 × 38mm
  • Weight: 40g 
  • Two dimensions of the rear cross for both narrow and wider air vent slats
  • Type N40 magnets withstand even shocks and sharp maneuvers


Always pay full attention while driving!



Usage For cars
Method of attaching the device to the holder Magnetické
Mount position For ventilation

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Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  APW-PHFMCR01B
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