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Netatmo Thermostat - Smart Room Thermometer
Sold out
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Netatmo Thermostat
Sold out
Smart Room Thermometer - programmable thermostat, wireless control of gas boilers, solid fuel boilers, wood boilers, compatibility with iOS/Android/PC, a free application, the...
Netatmo Urban Weather Station  - Weather Station
Netatmo Urban Weather Station
In stock > 5 pcs
Weather Station - Wireless measurement of indoor and outdoor temperature, weather forecast for 7 days, measuring humidity/noise/CO2, compatibility with iOS/Android, Wi-Fi, USB...
Netatmo Valves Starter Pack - Set
Special Offer
Netatmo Valves Starter Pack
Last 37 pcs
Set - Two Netostmo Valve Thermostatic Heads + Relay - Thermostatic Head Easy to use, wireless, 4x backlit display, compatible with most thermostatic valves (6x radiator adapter...
 Netatmo Additional Indoor Module  - Weather Station
Netatmo Additional Indoor Module
Last 10 pcs
Weather Station - additional module for Indoor weather station Netatmo
Netatmo Smart Smoke - Smoke Detector
Netatmo Smart Smoke
In stock > 5 pcs
Smoke Detector - kompletní ochrana s upozorněními na váš chytrý telefon a baterií na 10 let, upozornění na chytrý telefon v reálném čase, hlasitost alarmu 85dB, zabudovaná LED...
 Netatmo Rain Gauge  - Weather Station
Netatmo Rain Gauge
Last 24 pcs
Weather Station - Rain gauge, measuring range of 0.2 mm/h - 120mm/h, accuracy of 1 mm/h, tilting scoop, range up to 100m, compatibility with iOS/Android, Wi-Fi, USB, 2x AAA
Netatmo Healthy Home Coach - Weather Station
Special Offer
Netatmo Healthy Home Coach
Last 13 pcs
Weather Station - indoors, measures humidity and air quality, temperature and noise, remote connection via app, multiple device connection