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AMD FX-8350

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AMD FX-8350 reveals the full force of the benefits of multicore processing. The processor is also equipped with Turbo CORE technology of the second generation, which ensures maximum performance in a wide range of applications. Provided that the use of all processor cores activated automatically increased operating frequencies, thus achieving outstanding performance even for applications that do not use the full potential of IT.
The processor supports modern operating memory type DDR3, advantage is the optimization of advanced communications directly with each core memory modules. The processor features to improve performance, reliability, and security of existing and future virtualization environments. The big advantage is the fact that they have virtualized applications direct and quick access to the allocated memory.
AMD FX-8350 offers the ability to process brand new instructions. Instructions AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) improves parallelism, which comes in handy especially scientific and 3D applications that use complex floating point calculations. Instructions AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) then significantly increases the power of the latest encryption applications, such as TrueCrypt and evaluation applications such as PCMark. FX processor series is particularly suitable for demanding 3D modeling, video editing and computer games, which take advantage of premium performance combined with attractive cost.

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Socket AMD AM3+
Processor code name Piledriver

Number of cores

Number of processor cores 8 ×


Processor frequency 4 GHz (4 GHz)
Max. frequency (OC) 4.2 GHz (4,200 MHz)

Advanced parameters

Features Open multiplier, Virtualization, Cooler pack
TDP 125 W
Production technology 32 nm
L2 cache 8 MB
L3 cache 8 MB


CPU Passmark 8,949
Code:  BD495q
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  FD8350FRHKBOX