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Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound

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Special thermal grease without metallic particles ensures excellent heat transfer between the CPU and the heat sink, thus improving the stability and reliability of your computer. Its parameters and non-conductive material used minimizes and maximizes the efficiency of the cooler. In addition, due to the absence of metal particles cause a short circuit or serious damage to your computer in contact with the electrical contacts. Another advantage over silicone and metal pastes is high lifetime and efficiency of the paste. There is no need to frequently apply the paste again to preserve its effectiveness, this paste can withstand the same features up to eight years. Thermal grease can be used on any CPU, GPU and chipset. The tube is 2g of paste, which is applied directly to a processor in a position where it abuts against the radiator. The entire tube is sufficient for several uses.
1700 g · cm -1 · S -1
Operating temperature:
-50 ° C to 170 ° C
2.4 g/ml
4 g
Note: be applied in a very thin layer only on the place of direct contact with the chip temperature.

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Code:  CA082b
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  OR-MX2-AC-01