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Do you have quality headphones for your laptop or PC, but the sound quality is still not good enough? The problem might be with your sound card so you should not miss the AXAGON ADA-17 MINI HQ. Simply connect the card to the USB connector and then connect the headphones or microphone to the card using a 3.5mm jack. The output is high-quality 24-bit audio sound with a bit rate of 96kHz during playback. Harmonic distortion is less than 87dB and the card has an LED that signals the ongoing data transfer. Once plugged in, Plug & Play will ensure that it can be used immediately and you can then edit any of the additional settings on your operating system to get the perfect sound. 

Key features of the AXAGON ADA-17 MINI HQ

  • Plug & Play simple plug-In
  • LED indicator when data is being transmitted
  • Harmonic distortion levels of less than 87dB
  • The output of the sound card is 24-bit sound with a 96kHz bit rate
  • Easy connection via a USB connector
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