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BRITA Style Maxtra plus 2.4l + Maxtra plus 2 pack

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This water filter offers both a modern design and a highly efficient filtration system. With the help of this handy device, which is made by a German water filter manufacturer, you will be able to have clean and good quality water at any time. The filter features the latest Brita Maxtra+ water filters, allowing you to discover first-class innovations, such as new MicroFlow filtration technology for reducing scale, in addition to removing chlorine and heavy metals.

Key features

  • A modern design
  • An efficient filter system
  • Volume: 2.4l
  • Made of a modern transparent material
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Ideal shape and size to fit into the door of the refrigerator
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Handy LED indicator for water filter replacement
  • Modern MicroFlow filter technology

Features of the Brita filter

The BRITA Style Maxtra plus 2.4L water filter is easy to maintain, as the smooth and rounded shapes will not take a lot of time to clean. The ergonomic grip will fit perfectly into your hand and allow you to easily handle the container, even when it is full. The practical silicone strap for easy opening will allow you to fill the filter with water using just one hand. The container is ideally sized to fit straight into your refrigerator door. It is made of a modern, transparent material and can be washed in the dishwasher (after removal of the LED indicator and water filter).

Water filter with LED indicator

The practical SmartLight LED indicator will alert you when it is the optimum time to replace the water filter. The indicator takes into account the filter usage time, as well as the amount of filtered water. The system is just like a set of traffic lights (green, orange, red) and is very intuitive.

MicroFlow technology

The water filter uses cutting-edge MicroFlow filtering technology. This technology is based on the use of Micro Carbon Pearls, which are smaller and more round than previously used Carbon Pearls. By using smaller balls, a larger contact surface is created with water, thereby increasing the efficiency of water filtration. At the top of the filter, is a finer strainer that captures even the finest organic dirt. At the bottom of the filter, you will find a finer grid to prevent the penetration of fine particles, that could have made their way into your water with older filters. MicroFlow filtration technology has a purely natural foundation. The body of the filter is made of plastic that is free of BPA and is intended for permanent contact with water. The filter mixture is an ion exchange resin and activated carbon microparticles, which are made of coconut shells. Furthermore, the filter mixture is an inhibitor that prevents the formation and growth of bacteria. 

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Water filter pitcher

Features Dishwasher safe
Filter replacement indicator Electronic
Total volume 2.4 l
Volume of filtered water 1.4 l
Code:  BRIFI001
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  1021902 PS