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Danalock V3 Smart Lock & Z-Wave

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Do not wait any longer: experience the future right away. Thanks to the Danalock V3 smart lock, the times of lost keys have entered history. As of now, the era of smart locks enters the stage. Unlock your door using your smart devices compatible with Bluetooth Smart. With this technology, the door can not only be unlocked when needed, but it also locks again after a specified timeout. Just one tap is enough and you are safe as never before.  

The key features of the Danalock V3 Bluetooth & Z-Wave smart lock:

  • The Danalock smart lock can unlock your door using a smart device
  • Locking possible via the Danalock for iOS and Android
  • The application can log each use of the lock
  • If needed, permanent, recurrent, or temporary access keys can be generated to enable your friends enter your home
  • The lock also works with other Z-Wave-equipped home appliances
  • An extremely high level of security thanks to 256-bit AES encryption
  • A special TPM chip inbuilt for maximum security
  • Power supplied by four CR123A batteries (with a lifetime of 9,000 cycles)
  • Suitable for most standard doors


Ability to grant access to guests via the Apple iOS or Google Android app


The Danalock V3 smart locks are connected to an app compatible with Google Android (version 4.4 and above) or iOS (version 4 and above). The application records each unlocking or locking of the door, shows the battery status and alerts you when the charge state falls below the required level. Using your smartphone, you can also assign temporary access keys, to enable guests enter your house. This will be greatly appreciated for example when you go on holiday and need someone to help you with watering your plants or taking care of a beloved pet. 


The Danalock V3 smart lock brings the future to your fingertips


Imagine that you are on your way home after a difficult day at work and your smart home recognises that are approaching. For your convenience, it automatically starts preparing for your arrival. It turns off the house alarm system, unlocks the door, lets your favourite music come out of your speakers, and turns on the lights in the house. Does that sound like science fiction? Well, it hardly is! The Danalock V3 lock, in conjunction with the mobile app and other smart home devices equipped with the Z-Wave technology, can manage just that! 

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Compatibility Z-Wave, Bluetooth
Power supply Battery-powered


Expandability Open system
Area of use Security
Code:  VC470k2
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  DL-253801