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Desperados III - PS4

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Desperados III - PS4


A modern real-time tactical game set in the ruthless Wild West awaits you.

Desperados III

Take a look at the story of the origins of the infamous John Cooper and his gang.

Desperados III

The game takes place in the US in the 1970s, when John Cooper has to take responsibility for his past.

Desperados III

From Colorado to Louisiana

During the game, you will walk through the Colorado Mountains through Louisiana to New Mexico. Along the way, your story connects with other people like the bride Kate O'Hara, Arthur "Doc" McCoy, the giant Hector and the mysterious lady of New Orleans.

Desperados III

Gunfighter Cooper as team leader

Take control of this group of brave heroes. The fight with the knife and guns will probably remain with you. Strongman Hector controls the ax again.

Desperados III

McCoy's cold-blooded bounty hunter

McCoy likes to use baits, traps, gas, poison syringes and his own long distance gun.

Desperados III

Kate will fool everyone with her appearance, but her discreet weapon will do its best.

Desperados III

Use tactics to sneak around your enemies. You will face tough challenges.

Desperados III

You can play again and again

Choose one of the characters. Each has its own unique skills. Thanks to this, each mission has different ways of solution. Even with enemy superiority, you can succeed with the right tactics and timing.

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Localisation Message AT/DE


Type Game
Platform PlayStation 4
Licence Box


Genre Strategy games



Text EN , DE , RU , FR , ES , IT
Dubbing EN , DE

PEGI rating

Age limit 12 year(s)


Platform PS4 - box
Edition Basic

Virtual reality

Virtual reality Not supported
Code:  MSX675
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  9120080073273