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Have you always dreamed of having your own remote-controlled drone? Now you can! On this site you will find indoor drones and outdoor drones by manufacturers such as Parrot, DJI, Nine Eagles, 3D Robotics and others. Quadcopters are suitable for entertainment as well as professional image capturing from the air.

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Rayline Funtom 1W yellow
In stock 4 pcs
Drone - two batteries included in package, WiFi camera, nano size, barometer, auto take-off, auto landing, compass, 360° flip, transfers images to smartphone
Fleg 2.4GHz Battle set
In stock 3 pcs
contains 2x quadrocopter, incl. replacement propeller, 2.4 GHz transmitter, range 25 m
Drone n Base 2.0 Package
In stock > 5 pcs
Smart Drone - gaming drone, 172 x 170 x 42.3mm, Li-Pol 550mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, range 30m, infrared technology for rivalry, iOS and Android support, base included
Petrel U42W Route
In stock 4 pcs
Drone - route planning, telemetry, barometer, auto start, auto landing, HD video camera with FPV video transfer, SD card recording, compass
Forever dron PIXEL
In stock 4 pcs
Drone - dimensions 90 x 90 x 33 mm, integrated camera, 150mAh battery, acrobatics mode
Air Hogs Atmosphere Axis
In stock > 5 pcs
Drone - wave control technology, predefined tricks, recommended age from 8+
Syma X54Hw
In stock > 5 pcs
Drone - barometer, camera with FPV transfer, compass, flight time: up to 14 minutes, propeller safety cups, LED lighting, WiFi camera, rolls, dimensions: 37 × 37 × 10cm
EHANG Ghostdrone 2.0 VR Black (iOS)
In stock 1 pcs
Smart Drone - VR glasses, 4K camera with 3-axis stabilization, GPS, max. speed of 70 km / h, the flight time to 25min, max. range up to 1000m for iOS
Hubsan H122D Plus Micro Racing Drone
In stock > 5 pcs
Drone - dual engine, 4 LED Indicators, 2.4GHz TX, Built-in HD 720P camera, 710mAh Lipo, LPV goggles
Monstertronic NewFeel Nano
In stock > 5 pcs
Drone - propellers protected by rings, suitable for beginners, easy to control, LED lighting, compass, 3D loop, beginner and advanced modes
Fleg Pioneer II
Last 2 pieces in stock
Drone - with HD camcorder, video recording and photo capture, LED lighting, transmitter range approximately 40m
Drone n Base 2.0 Set
In stock 3 pcs
Smart Drone - set 2pcs, games, 172x170x42.3mm, Li-Pol 550mAh, Bluetooth 4.0, range 30m, infrared technology for rivalry, iOS and Android support, included base
Syma X5UW-D
In stock 2 pcs
Drone - optical flow positioning, 720p wifi camera with SD card video recording, camera tilt control, Auto take-off, Auto landing, barometer, route planning
Last piece in stock
Drone - 4 channel, with gyroscope, built-in HD camera, 1280x720 video, MicroSD, range up to 60m, battery capacity 2000mAh, 2.4GHz controller
Forever dron Luna DR-400
In stock > 5 pcs
Drone - HD camera, 1800 mAh battery, automatic take-off, landing, return, 2 speeds, acrobatic mode
Power Egg
In stock 5 pcs
Smart drone - max. speed 50 km/h, max. flight time 23 min, weight 2kg, 4K camera, emergency button for instant landing, retractable landing gear and propeller
Special Offer
PowerUp 3.0 Smart Paper Swallow
In stock 4 pcs
Smart Drone - carbon body, Bluetooth, range of up to 55m
RC flight lab - educational kit 6v1 QST-1801
In stock 4 pcs
Set RC toy 6v1 = dron, hovercraft, glider, tank, tricycle, gyrorobot and 2channel remote control
Revell Quadrocopter 23872 - Spot VR
In stock 1 pcs
Drone - remote controlled, size: 14.4cm
Symma X20
In stock 1 pcs
Drone - 2.4 GHz, 80mAh battery, 105mm wingspan
Syma X20W
In stock 5 pcs
Drone - WiFi camera with transfer to smartphone, barometer, auto take-off, auto landing, 360° flip, stylish design, route planning
Symsoft X25 PRO
In stock 1 pcs
Drone - GPS module, 720p WiFi camera, follow me, route planning, camera tilt control, auto-return, auto take-off, auto landing, barometer, compass
Syma X21W gold
In stock > 5 pcs
Drone - WiFi camera with transfer to smartphone, barometer, auto take-off, auto landing, 360° flip
Drone Mirage Camera
In stock 3 pcs
Drone - built-in camera with SD card recording, miniature size for indoor and outdoor use, loop, protective guards