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Fibaro Starter Kit

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Fibaro Starter Kit

Comfort, style, safety in one package

The Starter Kit is a set of five FIBARO devices and a control unit, which will allow you to implement the basic functionalities of the FIBARO home automation system. Installation is fast and easy and does not require any changes to the structure of the building. The devices are ready to use in just a few minutes and they enrich any space with their unique, organic design. It allows you to control your house from anywhere and saves you time and money.


Komfort, styl, bezpečí v jednom balení

Home Center Lite

Home Center Lite

This is a miniaturized controller designed to manage any home automation system working on a Z-Wave protocol. The device features a new recovery system, backup cloud system and fast communication with FIBARO sensors and all Z-Wave devices. With this help, you can know everything that happens in the house and manage all the settings in one place.

Motion sensor

This will inform you of any visits of uninvited guests. Combined with other devices it can initiate further actions to protect your valuables and property; i.e. close the door locks to prevent a burglar from escaping or call the police.

Detektor pohybu

Detektor kouře

Smoke sensor

It will detect even the smallest amounts of smoke. In case of a fire threat, it will start the procedure to protect your family and prevent the fire from spreading. It may show the evacuation route with lights, cut off the electricity and ventilation supply of room engulfed in flames. In the worst case, it can call in the fire brigade.


Flood Sensor

Along with a smart socket, the flood sensor can disconnect appliances that are in danger of flooding.  You also get a Fibaro switch and a motorized valve on the supply line. If there is damage to the pipes, it can turn off the water. Thanks to its robust design and temperature sensor, it can also detect ice outdoors.

Detektor zaplavení

Magnetický kontakt

Door / Window sensor 

This is a wireless, battery operated, magnetic door / window sensor and is to be used with doors, windows, garage gates, roller blinds, etc., in home automation, security, monitoring and safety systems. The sleek miniature design hides its great potential. You can plug it in and use a wireless control. 

Wall Plug

This is an intelligent, remotely controlled outlet adapter with the ability to measure power consumption. This highly functional Wall Plug adapter can be plugged into any electrical outlet, which then gives a possibility to control the electrical devices in a convenient, maintenance -free way.

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Connection WiFi


Expandability Open system
Area of use Smart home control system


Compatibility Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Power supply Network
Application language Czech

Number of devices

Max. device number 230
Code:  FIBR01
Warranty: 24 months