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Operating System Version

Nowadays we are familiar with several operating system on smartphones - the most common is Android, followed by iOS and once important players Windows Phone and Blackberry. Operating systems are evolving rapidly, which is why manufacturers are using numbering. The first value usually sets a big milestone in the use of the new interface, better features and new capabilities. It is not always possible to use the latest version on all models.

Android, developed by Google as open source is currently the most widely used mobile operating system. We can find it in smartphones and tablets. It includes a set of free applications from Google and access to the Google Play library, where you can get games and other applications.

The iOS operating system is being developed by Apple and it is being used on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple TV. It fully supports touch controls and includes access to the App Store with applications.

Windows Phone
A Microsoft operating system named Windows Phone is the successor to Windows Mobile. The user interface of a Windows Phone device is tiled with a link to the item' s applications or features.

The BlackBerry operating system is a proprietary system developed for the smartphones of the same name. It fully supports multitasking and corporate correspondence.