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GP Super Alkaline LR03 (AAA) 20 pcs blister pack

£5.24 without VAT
When buying 1 pack £6.29/pack
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GP Super Alkaline LR03 (AAA) 20 pcs blister pack

These alkaline batteries of the best GP Super series are an excellent choice for your portable electronic devices. If you require maximum performance and a long service life, these batteries are the perfect products for you. They are made of high-quality materials using advanced methods to ensure reliable operation. Its great performance is particularly evident when used in devices with high power consumption.

These batteries provide significantly longer operation time compared to conventional alkaline batteries. In addition, they provide up to 60% more energy, allowing you to enjoy more fun with your electronic devices. Each of these LR03 type batteries has a voltage of 1.5V. The blister pack includes 20pcs. The batteries feature leakage protection and can be used at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C.

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Intensity 1.5 V
Article type Alkaline (RAM)


Battery size Mikrotužková (AAA)
Battery type Disposable

Package contents

Number of batteries included 20 piece(s)
Code:  HM020d9h
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  1013100210