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Hybrid Television – HbbTV


Combining the best of television and the internet  

HbbTV allows you to synchronise television broadcasts with links to text, photographs, audio and video. Information can also be transmitted in the viewport screen while you continue to watch the TV show. For example, while watching a sports game, you can check the results of other matches. Individual programs offer applications that allows viewers to vote or compete with each other. All can be easily controlled by remote control. 

Activate while watching TV

When you switch to a TV station that offers hybrid services, a red button will briefly appear in the picture to indicate its availability. It is then possible to activate hybrid services using the red button on the remote control. You can then easily navigate and choose the desired services via the user-friendly menu.


Applications and Podcasts

Some television stations offer unique applications and Podcasts through their menus. Some of these applications allow you to play shows from the television station's Internet Archive. Czech Television, for example, offers programs amounting to 71,000 hours of video, which is more than 8 years of footage. Shows can be searched chronologically or alphabetically, by means of simple filtering of program titles.

Videos can be played in a separate window or full screen. In the application, you can easily choose the format using the directional pad and 'OK' button on the remote control.



Advantages of Hybrid TV (HbbTV)

  • Merges the benefits of standard television and the Internet
  • Easy to use format with clear user interface
  • Access to a rich archives of various Internet TV stations