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Maxxo IRT02

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Maxxo IRT02

Digital non-contact infrared thermometer Maxxo IRT02

The Maxxo IRT02 non-contact thermometer is a top device for measuring body temperature, which can be used in healthcare, households, companies or schools.

 Teploměr Maxxo IRT02

Contactless measurement

The Maxxo IRT02 thermometer safely measures the temperature from the forehead without the need to touch, thus significantly reducing the risk of infection transmission. The measurement deviation is only 0.2 ° C, thanks to a top sensor from a German manufacturer, which measures the temperature in 0.5 seconds. In addition to the human body, the temperature of objects can also be measured with a thermometer.

 Teploměr Maxxo IRT02

Thermometer with CE 1639 certification

Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and high quality of the materials used, the Maxxo IRT02 non-contact thermometer has CE 1639 certification for medical facilities. The thermometer is designed for professional use in healthcare, as well as for measuring the temperature in households or companies. IP22 protection guarantees reliable operation of the device even in degraded conditions.

 Teploměr Maxxo IRT02

LCD display for a perfect overview

The Maxxo IRT02 non-contact thermometer is equipped with a backlit LCD display, so you can easily find out the exact measurement result even at night. As a result, your child can sleep soundly and it is not necessary to wake him up for the measurement. In case of fever, the thermometer will alert you with a sound effect.

 Teploměr Maxxo IRT02

Two temperature measurement modes

The Maxxo IRT02 thermometer allows temperature measurement in two modes. It is a mode of measuring human temperature in the range from 34 to 43 ° C and a mode of measuring the temperature of food or liquids in the range from 0 to 93 ° C. Thanks to this, the thermometer allows you to measure the temperature of water, tea and heated milk in a short time. The Maxxo IRT02 non-contact thermometer can also be set to measure in ° C or ° F.

 Teploměr Maxxo IRT02

Key features of the Maxxo IRT02 thermometer

  • CE certification 1639
  • For measuring body temperature and the temperature of objects
  • Measurement result in 0.5 seconds
  • Non-contact measurement from 5 to 8 cm
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Audible alarm to alert you to a fever
  • Measurement in ° C or ° F
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
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Type Contactless - infrared
Method of Use Forehead

Special features

Measuring speed 0.5 s

Measuring range

Minimum temperature 0 °C
Maximum temperature 93 °C

Option to switch between °C and °F

option to switch between °C and °F YES

Power type

Power type AAA


Usage Unisex


Material Plastic


Colour White, Violet

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