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Alza - The New Year's Resolve

New Year's Resolutions 2018

Make it easier!


I'll exercise more


Time to get fit!

The time to start is now! No more buying a gym pass where you only go once, to pay the bill. With sporting equipment from Alza, you will exercise the whole of 2018 with more fervour than Tyrs. So you do not have to worry about this New Year's resolution. 

I'll eat healthier


It was so tasty but it was way too much

Now that the feasting is over, the New Year resolutions are set, the time to think of your body, blood vessels and your health is here. The meaning behind and reasons for having New Year's resolutions, is to improve something. But do not worry, even a healthy diet can taste great and thanks to our appliances, you can easily prepare them.

I'll spend more time with my family


You devote enough time to work already

The absolutely correct New Year's resolution, your family is more important than any job. You can even start now, the winter offers plenty of opportunities for family fun. Such as skiing or sledging. But it is also necessary to ensure the equipment is safe during transit to the mountains. The other necessity is to document everything in the family photo album.

I'll be more punctual


No more late arrivals

The people we care about shouldn't really have to wait. With a new watch, you will not just be on time but you will look so elegant that even if you are late, everyone will forgive you. A watch is not simply a clock anymore. It is an add-on that will tell you a lot about your person, and it will help you with the introduction of punctuality.

I'll take better care of myself


It is time to improve your visage

When one feels good, life suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. To obtain this feeling it is necessary to do something. But not necessarily anything dramatic. Often, it is enough to emphasise your own natural grace, it is surprising how much and how quickly the results come. You will see how easily you can accomplish this below.

I'll be tidier


To clean, or not to clean? ...

Cleaning is no longer the sole domain of mothers and wives anymore. Also the fact that Jesus was born in a stable does not mean that it is okay for your house to resemble one. Moreover, cleaning no longer requires as much effort as it used to. Modern appliances and equipment will do most of the work for you.

I'll chillax more


It's time to chill and relax

That's a beautiful resolution! But don't go skiving off and dismiss all your business matters. But you definitely deserve to have some time off. So what will it be? a new television and a great movie, a book or a game console?