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Panasonic Eneloop Pro AAA NiMh 930mAh 4pcs

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Panasonic Eneloop Pro AAA NiMh 930mAh 4pcs

Vysoká kapacita pro náročná zařízení

One eneloop battery replaces up to 500 disposable batteries

Eneloop pro rechargeable batteries are ideal for power-intensive devices such as external flash units, digital cameras, or torches. These batteries eliminate the self-discharge effect and offer long service life. The battery retains up to 85% of its original capacity even after a year of non-use. Its Japanese design and eco-efficiency guarantee high quality, making thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

More than twice the service life

With a state-of-the-art design, the use of modern materials, and rigorous quality control, eneloop pro batteries can be recharged up to 500 times, twice as much compared to the competition. Get eneloop batteries and you'll save energy as well as money.

Longer stamina per charge

Eneloop batteries offer a higher voltage level compared to Ni-MH batteries and can maintain voltage above the 1.1 level, dropping below this limit just before fully discharging. This makes your device last longer and enables you to take more pictures.

Vyšší kapacita

Higher capacity than standard eneloop batteries

Eneloop pro batteries are about 28% more powerful than the standard eneloop batteries and are the best choice for high-drain devices.

Velká výdrž

Lasts longer than an alkaline battery

Due to the stable voltage, the life of eneloop batteries is much longer than standard alkaline batteries. From now on, you won't have to carry a backup battery pack.

Použitelné při nízkých teplotách

Applicable at low temperatures

Even at low temperatures, the batteries will retain high voltage. If you often do winter sports, eneloop batteries are the right choice. They can be used at temperatures as low as -20°C.

Přednabity solární energií

Ready to use right after purchase!

Eneloop batteries are pre-charged with solar energy and ready for use. They are the world's most environmentally friendly batteries.

Porovnání vybíjení

Lasts longer than an alkaline battery due to its stable voltage

Recyklovatelné baterie

Environmentally friendly

The eneloop battery was developed with an emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection. About 30 billion batteries are used worldwide every year. If we substitute at least a small percentage with eneloop batteries, we'll reduce the amount of waste from disposable batteries and pave the path to clean energy. The batteries are pre-charged with solar energy and, thanks to their ability to be recharged and recycled, contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Eliminace paměťového efektu

Don't worry about the memory effect

If you recharge a battery that has not been completely discharged, it "remembers" that it has been used for a short time, and the voltage may drop rapidly when re-used. This phenomenon is called a memory effect. Eneloop batteries have high voltages at the beginning, so they always keep enough power even when this effect occurs.

Uznávaná kvalita

World-renowned quality!

Eneloop batteries are delivered to more than 80 countries. Their Japanese design and production are appreciated by customers
from around the world. Users experience a high degree of satisfaction.

Specific Features:

  • will retain up to 85% of its capacity even after a year of storage
  • low self-discharge time
  • capacity 900mAh
  • no memory effect
  • the battery can be fully charged even when partially discharged
  • 500 recharge cycles
  • package includes: 4 batteries
  • pre-charged by the manufacturer - ready for immediate use
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Capacity 900 mAh
Intensity 1.2 V
Article type Nickel–metal hydride (NiMH)
Number of charging cycles 500 ×


Battery size Mikrotužková (AAA)
Battery type Charging

Package contents

Number of batteries included 4 piece(s)
Code:  HM065d7d
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  HR-4UWXB-4BP
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