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Philips Sonicare W Optimal White HX6062/10

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Philips Sonicare W Optimal White

Standard Brush Heads

Removes Stains for Whiter Teeth

This brush head is ideal for those that want deep cleansing, stain removal and a more radiant and whiter smile. It is perfect for keeping your teeth bright between professional whitening. This is ensured by a specially designed, densely packed brush head combined with advanced sonic technology. You will notice a visible difference after just one week. 


Say goodbye to the plaque

Say Goodbye to Plaque

Dense, high-quality fibres remove up to 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Whiter Teeth, Faster

The densely packed W2 Optimal White diamond-shaped fibres remove surface stains from food and drink consumption. Your smile will be 100%* whiter in just seven days.

Say goodbye to the plaque
Set brush head

Detachable Brush Head

The brush head can be put on and taken off of the body of the brush, which allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. It is compatible with all Philips Sonicare toothbrushes except for older models: PowerUp Battery and Essence.

BrushSync Technology

BrushSync technology uses a microchip to recognise and synchronise the smart body and smart brush head. This combination makes for a powerful pair that sends intelligent alerts when you need to replace the head.

BrushSync technology
Instructions for changing the brush head

Instructions for Changing the Brush Head

After three months of use, the head loses its efficiency. Before this happens, BrushSyncTM alerts you. Your smart brush monitors how often, and with what pressure you clean your teeth. The brush alerts you when you need to replace the head. You can also look at the special blue fibres on the tip of the head that turn white when the head needs to be replaced.

Cleaning with a Gentle Head

All Philips Sonicare heads are safe and gentle on the teeth and gums. The heads are thoroughly tested so that you can enjoy exceptional performance and stamina every time you use them.

Cleaning with a quiet head

Technical Specifications

Package Contents

Brush heads

2 W2 Optimal White, standard size

Design and Execution

Softness of fibres

Medium soft



Fibres that highlight the need for replacement




Quality and Performance


Every 3 months

Thoroughly tested



Brush head system

Set up

Pairing BrushSync mode


Suitable for these models

Series 2 Series for Prevention of Toothache, Series 2 Series for Tooth Protection, Series 3 Series Gum Care, DiamondClean, DiamondClean Smart, EasyClean, Essence, FlexCare, FlexCare Platinum, FlexCare Platinum Connected, FlexCare +, for Kids - HealthyWhite, HealthyWhite +, PowerUp, ProtectiveClean

Benefits for Health

Gum health

Helps improve gum condition

Removing dental plaque

It removes up to 7 times more plaque


Whiter teeth in just one week

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