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The Remoska R21 is a modern and versatile electric one-pot cooker that will help you prepare the best entrees, side dishes and desserts. Save your valuable time, energy and a lot of space in the kitchen. Meals prepared in the Remoska are more juicy and healthy as the individual ingredients retain their flavour and all the vitamins.

This powerful kitchen appliance consists of 3 parts. The large pan has 2l capacity, which allows you to prepare meals for your whole family. It features two plastic handles for easy and safe manipulation. It is made of aluminium offering better conductivity. The pan is coated with non-stick Teflon ensuring cooking without burning as well as easy cleaning. Get this unique helper and you'll never want any other.

Key Features

  • Excellent heat conductivity
  • Switch-off button on the handle
  • Aluminium pan with Teflon coating — 22 cm in diameter
  • Easy operation and manipulation
  • Plastic handles for comfortable and safe manipulation
  • Heat-resistant plastic stand

A lid without glass

In contrast to glass pot lids, this lid's all stainless steel design allows for excellent heat conductivity. While the older Remoska designs with glass lids were to be covered in aluminium foil to achieve perfect results, the new version will make cooking much easier for you. The bottom of the lid is Teflon coated. The shape of the pan contributes to even cooking so now you don't need to worry about brown edges and undercooked centre. There is a switch-off button on the lid with power light indication. The device features a European plug and a plastic handle for a comfortable and safe grip.

Healthy and delicious

A stand made of high quality and heat-resistant material ensures Remoska's firm and stable position during cooking. Try new recipes, prepare healthy and tasty meals and save up to 80% electricity.

Electric one-pot cooker

The appliance consists of:
a lid with a heating element
a pan
a stand
Dimensions of the pan:
22 cm
2 l
Number of servings:
2 or more servings
400 W
Lid: stainless steel
Pan: Teflon coated aluminium
Additional features:
Easy manipulation for both right-handers and left-handers

230-240 V, 50 Hz
2 kg
10 cm

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Type Electric pot


Power consumption 400 W
Volume 2 l


Diameter 22 cm

Power consumption/power performance

Power consumption 400 W

Remoska type

Remoska type without window


Volume 2 l
Code:  EAV8221f
Warranty: 24 months (Company registration number 12)
Product Number:  R21OriginalTeflon