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REMOSKA R21TS Original Teflon Select Hot Chilli

Discontinued product

Introducing a special limited edition of the traditional and popular REMOSKA R21 Original Teflon pot - Enjoy the established classic now in a contemporary colour! The REMOSKA R21 Original Teflon pot is a revolutionary, fast and healthy way of preparing food preserving foods natural flavours to taste better whilst retaining important vitamins and minerals. The REMOSKA pot consists of three main parts. The removable lid is equipped with a 400W heater spiral made of stainless steel. The aluminium bowl makes up the main body of the electric pot and is coated with the non-adherent TEFLON Classic surface. The third part of the pot is the stand, which is made of thermoplastic - a high temperature plastic as is the backrest and the handle with the switch. The lower part of the lid is also coated with Teflon material.

Key features

  • Bakes evenly and across the surface
  • The switch is accessed easily at the top of the handle
  • Controls for both right and left hands
  • For better handling, a plastic handle is attached
  • The stand is made of heat-resistant plastic
  • The lower part of the aluminium cover is coated with a non-adherent surface


The power cord is firmly connected to the appliance, assuring many years of service. The main switch is easily accessed on the handle. The bulky bowl offers a modest capacity of 2 litres and is an ideal solution for serving 2 or more people. Another practical feature of this cooking appliance is the sophisticated lid that is designed to be easily laid down on a work surface with the heating element positioned safely unexposed. Treat yourself to healthy and tasty dishes experiment with new recipes and save up to 80% of your electricity with the REMOSKA R21 Original Teflon pot.
Additional information:
Lid (with heater)
Bowl with handles
Container diameter:
Lid: Stainless steel without glass window
Bowl: Aluminium with Teflon Classic Coating


Colour design:
Orange (hot chili)



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Type Electric pot
Power consumption 400 W
Volume 2 l
Code:  EAV8221h2
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  R21TS Hot Chilli