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Reviews AXAGON ADR-210, 10m

Interested in reviews of AXAGON ADR-210, 10m? It got 4.7 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of AXAGON ADR-210, 10m below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with AXAGON ADR-210, 10m after purchasing.
AXAGON ADR-210, 10m - Data cable
AXAGON ADR-210, 10m
Highly Anticipating
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65 customers rated
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It stops when you turn your PC off (on adapter)
Without the adapter, LED lights lot
I am, therefore, bought it to me dočiahla USB Wifi at the hall is first to behave so as if it was unable to find tú wifinu but when I joined 5v source of which is not part of the package, so it Those measures included beautifully. From the side as a signal amplifier is the ability to connect an external source, so it should be used
it works as expected
lacks external source, be it garner your 5V 500mA
Quick service barcode readers
in printing works flawlessly, but if I want something to scan and store it as a PDF so it does not work at all, feedback 0 points
in printing works flawlessly
for scanning to a PC simply can not, even after the recommendations that I bought a Adapter
After connecting the printer disconnects and re-connects the printer. When it connects, disconnects when sending data and it all repeats.