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Reviews Kingston DataTraveler SE9 32GB

Interested in reviews of Kingston DataTraveler SE9 32GB? It got 4.6 out of 5 stars from our customers. Find specific customer reviews of Kingston DataTraveler SE9 32GB below. We will appreciate if you also share your experiences with Kingston DataTraveler SE9 32GB after purchasing.
Kingston DataTraveler SE9 32GB - USB Flash Drive
Kingston DataTraveler SE9 32GB
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The small size of this thumb drive surprised me at first. It seems to be pretty good quality.
None so far.
This flashdrive I have certain shortcomings (which I've listed in minus) quite happily enjoying nine months. I recently wanted to use a flashdrive and after a while, when nothing happened (not loaded), I took it out and put back again, nothing happened. So I researched which could be a mistake, to my surprise, within an unbreakable metal casing was missing the main thing - memory. Just been released and falling memory chip with contacts from the holster. Thus I lost the most precious thing, therefore, important business data that was on flashce. The memory has been dropping not know when and where, it is possible that stayed in one of the used computers or dropped (shook it) somewhere along the way, I do not have memory. Housing is mechanical damage, I wore it on the keys (as promulgated) or neck on a keyring. Now I'm really just a nice key chain! Given the above, I evaluate this flashdrive totally unsatisfactory, to simply not happen. To you who have it and are happy whether you wish anything like this happen and maybe be consulted occasionally checking that your own memory is always with you (regardless of whether you have the keys to a beautiful indestructible flashdrive). :-) Those who are thinking about it as I originally, namely: finally it's here, someone finally came up with an indestructible flashdrive "neurvatelným" grip, ideal for attaching to keys, which I still do with me ... so those would glad recommended that still look around for some other. I can not afford to lose data in this way, so I'm looking for a "safer".
indestructible metal casing size and design - ideal for attaching to keys, theoretically captive design
low bit rate - both reading and writing tough retracts and pulls, after wear during use, it improves the higher temperature during operation
small size metal design (higher resistance), possibility to attach to keys favorable price
slow speed into the USB connector retracts hard enough
Nice design Sturdy flashky
Totally disastrous write speed (4-5 MB / s) Reading too much of anything (17 MB / s)
if you look stick just because of the price and the Kingston DataTraveler is made just for you, but if you are searching for a good price and quality, so hands off quickly. appearances are deceptive, flashky looks elegant, but the hardware has a fast data transfer away. File transfer 4giga you tormented about half an hour. I give 3 stars for the price, otherwise I would have had two.
design, size, mainly PRICE
!!! Extremely low data transfer speed !!!
Clever converting
On some PC makes trouble loading and computers still detect some errors on it. Not fix or repair bugs and even the formatting. But otherwise it works only it is sometimes annoying.
For little money, little music, or if someone wants to spend his youth by copying files to this flashdrive ...
Small Fixed Price
Speed ??or slowness crazy !!!
Fixed part of the body strap USB flashdrive Indoor connector Attractive appearance (of metal)
A little slower
Who wants a little flashdrive, here is the perfect solution.
Slower data transfer while recording.
Small size quality processing No releasable part (terminal cap, wrist - nothing can be lost)
Average speed reading / writing is not visible at first sight orientation USB pins