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Samsung Kettle EB-PA710B blue

Discontinued product

Minimalist Design

Samsung's back-up battery comes in an elegant, minimalist design to serve as a stylish accessory for every home. The practical strap and small dimensions make it easy to carry your device, which is especially helpful if you often spend time on the road.

Stylish Accessory

No sharp edges, matte finish and stylish pastel colours - these are the main advantages of Samsung's power bank.

Simple, Smooth Lines

The Power Bank combines rounded edges and elegant, clean lines for a perfect look.

An Even Better Viewing Experience

You will get a practical Kickstand cable to use as a backup for your phone. While charging, you can conveniently watch videos or view photos.

Convenient Grip

The body of the Samsung Power Bank is shaped so that the device fits perfectly into your palm.

Only One Glance Necessary

You can easily check the current battery capacity by looking at the LED strip located on the side of the device.

Charge Anywhere

With the a handy strap, you can charge your phone anywhere. Just hang the battery on your wrist and recharge it while you're walking. You will be able to use your phone without any problem.

USB Connectivity

There is a pair of USB connectors for connecting different mobile devices.

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Width 81.35 mm (8.14 cm)
Height 93 mm (9.3 cm)
Depth 23.2 mm (2.32 cm)
Capacity 10,200 mAh
Charging capacity 9000 to 14999 mAh
Outputs USB
Output current 2.8 A
Output current 2 A
output voltage 5 V
Number of outputs 2
Features and functions LED indication status
Weight 286 g
Code:  SAAB0114a
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  EB-PA710BLEGWW