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Yi Action Camera Bike Mount
In stock > 5 pcs
Holder for the Yi on the handlebars
Special Offer
Rollei Steady Butler Action
In stock > 5 pcs
Stabiliser - 3-axis stabilizer for action cameras, 640° rotation, inclination 320°, including battery, battery life up to 10 hours
Special Offer
Zhiyun Crane 2
In stock 4 pcs
Stabiliser - up to 3.2kg, 3-axis stabilization, for digital cameras and cameras
Feiyu Tech G5GS
In stock 2 pcs
Holder - water-resistant, for Sony action cameras, 3-axis, Bluetooth, selfie and reverse mode, detachable handle, dynamic time-lapse photography, fast charging, metal body...
Yi Handheld Gimbal
In stock 2 pcs
Stabiliser - 3 axis, for Yi 4K/Yi 4K+ video camera, three modes, Android/iOS apps
Feiyu Tech Vimble 2
In stock > 5 pcs
Stabiliser - for mobile phones, integrated telescopic selfie stick, 3 axis, object/face tracking, dynamic time-lapse photography, 5-10 hours battery life, fast charging, quick...
FeiyuTech G6 Plus
In stock 4 pcs
Stabiliser - professional, waterproof, for cameras weighing up to 800g, smartphones up to 54-87mm wide, cameras with a maximum height of 70mm, Wifi, Bluetooth, OLED display...
FeiyuTech G6
In stock > 5 pcs
Stabiliser - professional, waterproof, for action cameras GoPro 6/5/4/3+/3, Sony RX0, Wifi, Bluetooth, OLED display, sloping arm, selfie and reversing mode, removable handle...
FeiyuTech Summon+
In stock > 5 pcs
Stabiliser - with action camera, 3 axis, 16Mpx camera, 4K video, WiFi, mobile phone/tablet transfer, 2.0" HD display, LED flash, camera control elements on the handle, smart...
Feiyu Tech a2000
In stock 1 pcs
Stabiliser - for digital cameras, load capacity up to 2.5kg, 3 axes, 12 hours stamina, quick release, dynamic timing, detachable handle, Bluetooth, Feiyu ON smart application
Yi Action Camera Monopod Selfie Stick + Bluetooth Remote Control
In stock > 5 pcs
Selfie-Stick - for Yi camera
Feiyu Tech a2000 Kit
Ordered on request within 4 days
Stabiliser - for digital cameras, dual foldable grip with handle, 9x tripod thread, load capacity up to 2.5kg, 3 axes, 12 hours of stamina, quick release, dynamic timing...
FeiyuTech sneakers with tripod screw
Ordered on request
Holder for attaching peripherals (microphones, displays, etc.) to the stabilizer body, 1/4 "tripod screw recommended for the SPG, G, a, WG, Vimble series
FeiuyTech 390 autorotational stand
Ordered on request
Stand 360 °, for action cameras, smartphones, cameras, 1/4 "tripod screw, adjustable rotation speed, automatic weight detection, 20h