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Funny Wheels 2v1 Green

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Do you want your children to practise healthy physical activity and still have a lot of fun? This children's balance bike Funny Wheels 2v1 is a high-quality balance bike that can be adapted to the growth of your child! The youngest children can use the bike as it is, as a tricycle, and when they're ready, the balance bike can easily be changed to a bicycle from a tricycle. Funny Wheels in green is stable and the specially designed extended handle protects children from injury if they fall. Children practise motor skills, improve balance, and develop a sense of coordination. Thanks to Funny Wheels, your walks with your kids will be far more fun and enjoyable.

Key Features Balance Bike Funny Wheels

  • Simple and efficient green bike design
  • Adjustable seat height
  • By replacing the rear wheels, you can make a bicycle from the tricycle
  • The reflector is made of safe plastic
  • High-quality design is safe for children
  • Funny Wheels is a Czech brand that gets small children moving

Funny Wheels Grows with Your Kids

Are you concerned about having to buy a new balance bike every year? Funny Wheels solves this problem. The smallest children will use 3 wheels to guarantee perfect stability when riding and standing. When they are ready, you can adjust their seat in a comfortable position to have plenty of room for balancing. In the next phase, you can change the two rear wheels into a single, and Funny Wheels will now be a 2-wheeled bicycle instead of a tricycle.

Safe and High-Quality Reflector

The Funny Wheels balance bike is absolutely safe. The handlebars have extended ends to hold little hands better and prevent injury. Additionally, they cannot be rotated, so your children will not fall. The green colour looks great! The weight capacity of the balance bike is 50kg, so even older kids can enjoy it. Funny Wheels is great for an afternoon ride on a rough terrain.

Recommended age from 18 months
Type of pushbike Multitrack
Capacity 50 kg
adjustable seat Yes
Code:  HRAif3270
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  8595557506256