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Western Digital 2TB Ultrastar DC HA210 SATA HDD

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Western Digital 2TB Ultrastar DC HA210 SATA HDD

Western Digital Ultrastar DC HA210, the Gold Standard for Data Centres

Do you need a large data storage designed for non-stop operation? Western Digital Ultrastar DC HA210 hard drives are exactly what you are looking for, with high write speeds, ultimate reliability, and low power consumption.

WD Ultrastar Replaces the Popular WD Gold

KapacitaWD Gold Old ModelWD Ultrastar New ModelNew Model Name
14TB0F31284Ultrastar DC HC530
12TBWD121KRYZ0F30146Ultrastar DC HC520
10TBWD101KRYZ0F27606Ultrastar DC HC510
8TBWD8003FRYZ0B36404Ultrastar DC HC310
6TBWD6002FRYZ0B36039Ultrastar DC HC310
4TBWD4002FYYZ0B35950Ultrastar DC HC310
2TBWD2005FBYZ1W10002Ultrastar DC HA210
1TBWD1005FBYZ1W10001Ultrastar DC HA210

WD Gold Under the New Name Ultrastar

WD Ultrastar hard drives are built for workload about 10 times more intense than ordinary desktop hard drives.

Western Digital Ultrastar

Western Digital Ultrastar

Ideal for Heavy Workload

The Ultrastar hard drive range represents the peak functionality of Western Digital hard disks. The new drives are designed to handle workloads up to 550TB per year.

Built-In Vibration Protection

Enhanced Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) technology uses sophisticated electronics to monitor the drive and correct linear and rotational vibrations in real time. This is particularly important if you want your drive to deliver the best performance possible at all times.

Western Digital Ultrastar

Western Digital Ultrastar

WD Ultrastar Is Packed with Advanced Technology

Delivering some of the most dependable performance and durability among Western Digital hard drives, the WD Ultrastar Gold boasts a MTBF of up to 2.5 million hours (for some models). Some of the disks also use fifth generation HelioSeal technology, which, thanks to the helium used, helps to provide exceptional capacity, reliability, and operational efficiency.

Western Digital Ultrastar

Key Features of the Western Digital 2TB Ultrastar DC HA210

  • A hard drive designed for continuous enterprise-class operation in data centres
  • Sequential read and write speed up to 200MB/s
  • Extreme annual workload of up to 550TB (select models)
  • Statistical mean time between failures (MTBF) up to 2 million hours
  • Impressive 5-year warranty

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Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) 3.5"
Storage capacity 2,000 GB (2 TB)
Disk capacity 2,000 GB (1.95 TB)


Width 101.6 mm (10.16 cm)
Height 26.1 mm (2.61 cm)
Depth 147 mm (14.7 cm)


Weight 640 g (0.64 kg)


Colour Silver


Disc Series WD Ultrastar


Use For servers, Data storage, Internal


Read Speed 200 MB/s
Write speed 200 MB/s
Memory cache 128 MB
Special features Advanced Format, RAID
Maximum loudness 28 dB(A)
Mean Time Before Failure 2,000,000 hr(s)


Typical power consumption 8.1 W
Standby consumption 5.9 W (5,900 mW)

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