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WHOOSH! Screen Shine Duo Screen Cleaner - 100 + 8 ml

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WHOOSH! Screen Shine Duo Screen Cleaner - 100 + 8 ml

Are you a tidy person and regularly clean your home? Do not forget to take care of your device´s display too! The highly efficient WHOOSH! screen cleaner is 100% natural, non-toxic and alcohol-free. It will remove not only fingerprints and dust but also dangerous viruses and bacteria and create a stable nanolayer to ensure the further fingerprint protection. The WHOOSH is for your screen as soap is for your hands and helps to make it clean and bright! The antimicrobial and antibiotic cloth is included in both small and large packages.


  • Perfectly cleans the screen from fingerprints, dust and other dirt
  • Destroys viruses and bacteria
  • 100% natural, non-toxic and alcohol-free
  • Ensures fingerprint resistance
  • The display is clean, clean and shiny after cleaning

Safe Cleaning

The cleaner is usable for all displays, cases and covers. The 100% natural composition without any harmful substances makes the product suitable also for children who can even swallow the cleaner without any risks! The cloth makes use of a unique antimicrobial and antibacterial PROTX2® treatment. The 8ml volume even complaints with strict air traffic rules so you can keep the product with you all the time. Your display will be more resistant to dirt if you wipe it regularly.

What You May Not Know

Touch displays dominate the modern households. But did you know that up to 30% of viruses can spread from them and that the average mobile phone screen is 10x dirtier than the toilet seat? The dirt we remove from our hands and body every day just stick to the screen and makes our lives harder. Other surveys show that 18% of mobile phones are contaminated by staphylococcus and about 16% by faecal flora. The only guaranteed means to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the screens is to use an active detergent. Do not skimp on the protection of you and your relatives and get yourself the WHOOSH! Screen Shine Duo.

Package contents:
2x screen cleaner
1x cloth with antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment
8 + 100ml


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