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Custom-built PCs

Custom-built PCs

Do you have a rough idea of what you want your PC to have but need some help selecting and assembling the components? Our technicians will help you with everything, from choosing individual parts to assembling a first-class machine.

Buy our custom-built PC service, and the very next day a professional technician will contact you.

Build custom PC
Consultations can take place via email or telephone.
The assembled machine is delivered within 5 work days of confirmation from a technician.
You can even supply your own components.
3-year warranty, guaranteed repairs within 10 work days, and other additional benefits.
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PC Assembly

Already selected your components but need help putting them together? Do you want your computer assembled as quickly as possible?

Add your selected components to the cart, then add the PC assembly service to complete the order.

Our technicians will check the compatibility of components before getting started.
The finished machine will be delivered within 5 work days of confirmation from a technician.
If there are any complications during assembly, we will contact you immediately with a working solution.
3-year warranty, guaranteed repairs within 10 work days, and other additional benefits.
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PC Builder

The Alza PC Builder service
will be available soon.


6 reasons to get a custom-built PC from Alza

We are so confident in the quality of our setups that we have added a series of outstanding benefits as part of the deal.

3-year warranty

Because we believe in the quality of the selected components, we offer an extended warranty of three years

  • Free repair service in case of hardware failure.
  • Free troubleshooting for the operating system.

Guaranteed repairs within 10 work days

because we know how important your computer is to you

  • Issues are resolved immediately.
  • Repair time is counted from the date of receipt from the customer to the day when the goods are ready for delivery.
  • If we cannot meet the deadline, we will refund you or offer a brand-new replacement.

Easily expand or replace components

You can add or replace any parts without losing the warantee.

  • We trust our customers' decisions
  • You don't have to carry your computer anywhere in order to expand its memory or hard drive!
  • Need some advice? Contact our experts!

Rigorous testing

Each setup undergoes rigorous testing before being sent to the customer.

  • We use only the most demanding testing applications.
  • We use the professional 3DMark testing tool.
  • Mark 8 is used to complete a comprehensive test of multimedia. 

Discuss with the pros

Feel free to ask any question you may have regarding your setup.

  • Speak directly to professional computer technicians.
  • We respond to all inquiries.
  • We are experts on hardware, software and games.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it takes to build a PC?

We deliver the assembled PCs within 5 days of the customer confirmating the configuration. If there are any complications, our technicians will contact you with a solution.

Can I withdraw from the contract within 14 days?

As this service includes a tailor-made product, it is not possible to withdraw from the contract.

Can I choose some of the components and let you advise me on the rest?

Yes, after you select the service and some of the components, a technician will contact you to fine-tune the rest of the setup.

Are the Custom-built PC and PC Assembly products guaranteed?

Yes, and the individual computer components within the two services are under warranty for 36 months.

Is the PC tested before being sent to the customer?

Yes. Before being sent to the customer, all setups are tested in the functional environment of Windows 10 in stress-test programs, where we test the CPU, VGA card, memory, and motherboard for at least 12 hours. We also check all USB and audio outputs.

If a configuration includes an SSD and a traditional hard disk, where will the operating system be installed?

If your configuration includes an SSD, we install the OS on the SSD. However, if you want, we can install the OS on any other selected disk or RAID set.

It is possible to use components that I already have at home and buy some new ones?

Yes, you can choose the new components you want from us and then deliver those you already have. We will then check compatibility, assemble and test the new setup.

Is it possible to personalise some of the ready-built PCs on your website?

While we have plenty of ready-made PCs to suit all types of customers, it is not possible to customise their components. If you have an idea of your dream setup, however, we recommend that you use our Custom-built PC service directly.

Do you want to build a PC yourself?

If you want to build your own PC, we have prepared a step-by-step article to help you, including useful tips and tricks to make the job easier. For more info, check our How to Build a PC article.